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Zumba, a type of dance fitness that has been around since the 1990s, is the backbone of the dance fitness craze- it incorporates a variety of Latin-inspired dance moves and music to promote a healthy heart, a healthy dose of aerobic activity, and a fun, exciting way to build and tone muscle, improve cardio, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Members, Water Fitness

Lap Swim

Lap swim is for anyone 16 years and older who has a membership that includes the pool. Lanes are for lap swimming, water walking, and leisure swimming.

Adults, Group Exercise, Water Fitness

Rusty Hinges

If you have arthritis and/or joint problems this fun, friendly low-intensity aerobic workout is for you. This class is designed for all ages and abilities, ranging from beginner to advanced. We'll work on range of motion, muscle tone, flexibility, and rehabilitation with little low-intensity cardio worked in, as well. This is a great class for those recovering from injury or surgery.

Adults, Group Exercise, Water Fitness

Aqua Fitness

This mid-intensity water workout emphasizes total body conditioning using the natural resistance of the water. This class is designed to improve your flexibility, balance, endurance, and overall cardiovascular fitness. Participants can vary their own pace to suit their unique goals and needs.

Adults, Group Exercise

Yoga for Everyone

A great class for those new to yoga and those who want to continue their practice. We will be working in the Hatha yoga style in a fitness setting. Modifications will be given to accommodate all levels. Class includes breathing techniques, strengthening, stretching, and meditation.

CRWC kids swimming
Swim Lessons, Youth

Youth Intermediate Swim Lessons

Ages: 7 years old to 14 years old. Children 7 and 8 years old must have taken at least 2 sessions of the youth beginner class or have supervisor approval in order to register for youth intermediate.

CRWC kids swimming
Swim Lessons, Youth

Youth Beginner Swim Lessons

Ages: 5 years old to 8 years old. For children moving up from preschool lessons or new to swim.

CRWC kids swimming
Swim Lessons, Youth

Pre-School Swim Lessons

Ages: 3 years old to 5 years old. For children moving up from Parent Child Water Bonding or new to swim lessons.

CRWC kids swimming
Swim Lessons, Youth

Parent Child Water Bonding

Ages: 6 months to 3 years old

GOODLIFE Physical Therapy

Appointments are being taken now through our Orland Park clinic. Please call (708) 966-4386 and let them know you would like to schedule your appointment to see Madeline at the Crestwood Recreation and Wellness Center.

Adults, Water Fitness

Arthritis Aquatics

This low-intensity class is designed with the purpose of providing an opportunity for people with arthritis and other similar conditions to participate in a group water fitness class and to have fun. The class improves range of motion, muscle strengthening, flexibility, balance, and endurance.

Adults, Group Exercise

Cardio Kickboxing

Come lose weight, meet new friends, and have lots of fun. This class will show you many ways to sculpt your arms, abs, and buns. Lets step it up to kickboxing and watch the pounds melt away.

Adults, Group Exercise

Pump It Up!

A whole body weight training and exercise class. Lose weight by building and toning your muscles while still having fun to great music. You will increase strength, muscle, and bone density. This class will show you many ways to sculpt your abs and buns. The best part is that there is no jumping.

Adults, Group Exercise, Water Fitness

Water Cardio Endurance

A high intensity water aerobics class that takes interval training from the gym and adds water resistance to burn more calories. You will achieve a full body workout with the use of water gloves, other equipment and, of course, the water. Come and burn calories while having fun in the water.

Adults, Group Exercise, Water Fitness

Cardio Splash

A high-intensity cardiovascular water workout that increases strength and endurance. This class is designed to increase your flexibility, improve your balance, core strength, and to give you a whole body workout. The nature of water creates the ability for any individual to generate the intensity necessary for a fantastic workout.

Adults, Group Exercise, Water Fitness

Water Walking

This low-intensity water workout utilizes both upper and lower body muscle groups to challenge you at various intensity levels. The water is used to create the current and force necessary to provide appropriate resistance. This class will challenge all muscles groups without the impact on your joints.


Massage Therapy

Massages are by appointment only. Call us at 708-371-4810 for more information.